Dr. Thomas J. Grizzard, Jr., professor emeritus of civil and environmental engineering and urban water cycle expert


In honor of Tom Grizzard, who dedicated his life to clean water, and regarded the Potters for Peace Ceramic Water Filter Project as an important and successful way to bring clean drinking water to communities worldwide, Tom’s family has set up the Tom Grizzard Water Filter Memorial Fund.

Donations to Potters for Peace, in memory of Tom Grizzard, will be used directly for set up, education, training and support of new ceramic pot water filter factories and their operators worldwide.

To donate, send a check (made out to Potters for Peace) to the following address:

Potters for Peace
c/o Tom Grizzard Water Filter Memorial Fund
PO Box 113
Dodgeville, WI 53533

You can also donate through Paypal.  If you use this option, please send us an email to telling us that your donation is for the Tom Grizzard Memorial Fund.

Potters for Peace is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization so you will be sent a tax receipt for your donation.

Potters for Peace Water Filter Project: Providing Clean Drinking Water

boysEvery year 1.7 million people, mainly children under the age of five, die from diarrhea which is caused by unsafe water. The objective of the Potters for Peace Water Filter Project is to make safe drinking water available by helping set up workshops that will produce ceramic water filters made from local materials. These filters are low-tech and low-cost and eliminate approximately 99.88% of water-born disease agents.

For more information about the Potters for Peace Water Filter Project follow this link.