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Young Artists Promote Clean Drinking Water & PFP

Posted by Abby Silver

A huge thank you to the members of the Briggs Elementary School art club in Florence South Carolina for their educational and fundraising efforts!  With the guidance of their art teacher, these 3rd to 6th graders chose to educate their community this year about the need for clean water and about Potters for Peace.  They made small pots and informational handouts to give out at their school family day, created an information table, and collected donations.

The students heard about Potters for Peace from their teacher, Laura McFadden, who heard about us a few years ago at a conference where PFP was included during presentations on art-related service organizations. She became a supporter and has often worn one of our t-shirts to school. During Art Club this year she presented several options for fundraising projects and the students were most excited about Potters for Peace.

Thanks to the kids for their hard work and thanks to Laura for raising awareness of the importance of artists working together to support each other.  We’re very proud of their efforts, and welcome them to the PFP family!

A young artist stands next to the information table.

A young artist stands next to the information table.

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