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Tanzanian Filter Factory Receives National Honor

Posted by Patty Osborne
Bruno Sanga explains the manufacturing process.

Bruno Sanga explains the manufacturing process.

The Tanzanian NGO known as MSABI ( Maji Safi Kwa Afya Bora  or Safe Water for Better Health) is pleased to announce that their water filter project was honoured at the 2012 National Uhuru Torch run, which celebrates freedom and light. The torch event was held in Ifakara at the Jongo Primary School on Sunday the 15th of July. MSABI received significant attention, and a large crowd arrived as MSABI office manager Hija Choya provided a project history and a general overview of MSABI activities. This was followed by our pottery manager, Mr Bruno Sanga, who explained the manufacturing process. Government officials were impressed with the filter pot and the quality of filtered water. MSABI ran out of pamphlets, and received dozens of requests for filter purchases. The Tembo Filter will sell for TZS17,000 (AUD $10.75) and includes a tap, cleaning brush and instruction sheet.

The filter fits into a standard 20L water collection bucket, and there is also a special 30L bucket that can be purchased separately. The women’s pottery group has also produced a prototype clay receptacle which will store around 50L and sell for around TZS10,000 (AUD $6.25). We already have an inventory of 250 pots ready for release and expect to have between 400-500 ready for August 8th (“nane nane”) an important public holiday for Tanzanians. The facility will have capacity to manufacture 250-300 filters each month. Distribution will be through local retailers who will purchase wholesale (TZS13,000) from the pottery factory. Filters will also be sold direct to the public from the filter factory at the retail price (TZS17,000). We are busy preparing marketing materials and are excited to finally (after 3 long years) releasing our local product for the benefit of the local community.

MSABI is a medium- sized NGO that works in rural Tanzania on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects.

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