On this important day we’re sending you an update on our water filter work.

Our first-ever Ceramic Water Filter Production Course was held last August at Adamah Clay Studios in Wisconsin and since then, several of the participants have been able to move ahead with establishing filter factories. This summer consultants from Potters for Peace will be working with Clean Water International in the Philippines and another startup factory in Indonesia, both of which projects have been initiated by students of our filter course. The course was developed and presented in partnership with the Center for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology (CAWST).

The first graduates of our Ceramic Water Filter Course, August, 2018

The next course will be held at Adamah this coming August, but after that we would like to hold the course at an established filter factory somewhere in the developing world so that participants get on-the-ground experience. We originally planned to hold the course at the Filtron factory in Nicaragua but political unrest caused us to change to a US location.

One of the things that we learned from our first course is that most of the participants would not have been able to attend without the scholarships that we were able to offer thanks to a grant from the Wheaton Foundation. This grant has one more year to run and then we will be responsible for funding these necessary scholarships. Needless to say, we are already working on finding new funding sources.

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