Our intrepid Nicaraguan staff, Robert and Alvaro, have launched a kiln-building blitz in the village of San Juan de Oriente. In partnership with two Nicaraguan NGOs—FASOC (The Support Fund for Civil Society in Nicaragua)  and APRODIN (Association of Promoters and Defenders of the Indigenous Rights of Nicaragua)—Potters for Peace will oversee the building of 18 kilns before April 15, 2018!

The kilns are being built by three of the most experienced builders in Nicaragua and by the recipients of the kilns, plus several brigadistas who have responded to Robert’s email and Facebook calls for help. Fifteen of the kilns will be built using an arch laid over a barrel, a design that we are calling the Doogie kiln. The other three kilns are larger and will use a hybrid design that takes elements from other kiln designs.

(Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image)

In the town of San Juan de Oriente, 95% of the population produces pots in about 475 family workshops. These kilns will make a big difference to the whole town.

If you are interested in participating in our kiln-building blitz before the April 15 deadline, contact Robert at robert@pottersforpeace.org. You will be responsible for your travel, accommodation and food expenses, but there will be no other brigadista fees.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!