This week the 2017 Brigade is building a new kiln shed at Ducuale because the previous shed collapsed in the heavy rains. This time the shed is being framed with metal which should last a good long time. On Day 1, the brigade completed most of the framing.


On Day 2 they lost power for most of the day so—no welding! Instead they decorated pots for smoke firing, did demos and played on the kick wheels. They also cut out all the horizontal roof beams—by hand.

In the photo below, a brigadista is painting a slip decoration onto a burnished, once-fired bowl. The bowl will be smoked in a small kiln and the unslipped clay will turn dark brown. When the slip is washed off the bowl after the second firing, the  decoration will show in a contrasting orangey-brown color. This method of decorating is unique to Ducuale.