How do we make our plans a reality?

Posted by Patty Osborne
peters place

Our annual meeting was held at the home of Peter Jackson (our chair) in rural Wisconsin.

The board of Potters for Peace has ambitious plans for expanding the Water Filter Project, and at our annual meeting in late October we brainstormed ways that we can make these plans a reality. We were helped in our deliberations by Gary Funk, who has experience with building strong boards and increasing fundraising.

Gary feels that our mission is meaningful and our work is of interest to the public and is therefore fundable. The key is to make stronger connections with donors and funders, and a good portion of our 3-day meeting was devoted to brainstorming ways to do this.

Gary pointed out that philanthropy is an integral component of economic development and Potters for Peace is part of this economic developments. Our work is not charity—we don’t make people dependent. A donation to Potters for Peace is an investment in economic development and empowering people.

In the coming months we will be stepping up our fundraising so if you’ve never donated to us, now would be a great time. If you’ve donated before, please consider increasing your donation this year.

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  1. Michelle Stein on


    I’m a student at San Diego State University undergrad. I’m majoring in Applied Design with an emphasis in ceramics. One of the classes that I’m taking as an undergrad is Asian Environmental Studies and I would like to do a presentation about your organization.
    I strongly believe that pottery is a part of every civilizations history. Your efforts to empower communities with few resources, and give them the knowledge to make potable water is incredible. If you could direct me to a contact person to answer a few questions is would be greatly appreciated.

    I look forward from hearing from your organization.

    Michelle Natividad Stein

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