Another day, and more giant steps forward!


Constructed the first half of the chimney today.  The challenge of tying the old kiln and the new kiln together in one chimney required some fancy brick work!


Another view of the kiln and the first few feet of the new chimney. The finished chimney will be 11 ft tall.  Completed 4 feet today, hoping to finish the chimney tomorrow. We also still need to build the roof of the kiln.


This is an overview of the entire project. You can see the new kiln shed, the old kiln built by Ron Rivera and the new kiln.


Today there were two beautiful ducks in the river. This is where the group cools off every day; also the source for water to make mortar and clay.


The group is spending time under the porch of the studio getting to know Carlos’s family.


There is a large extended family and many beautiful young children.


The men who are working on the shed finished¬†constructing the frame today. Martin, Carlos’s brother, is teaching us how to lay roof tiles. We will start the roofing tomorrow and plan to complete the shed.