“No one wants a product that is designed for the poor”

Posted by Patty Osborne

Find out what cellphone companies can teach us about marketing household water filters in this thought-provoking video. Thanks to our friends from Potters Without Borders for sending us the link.


  1. I agree to the point raised. Local NGOs to take the lead. It will generate imployment as well.
    In many parts of developing world such low cost technologies and low priced products are not promoted due the vasted interests of multinational pharma and home appliances companies manufacturing companies.

    Encouraging clip.


  2. The man speaking in this video is correct. People need to ‘own’ an interest in their struggle to better their lives. Handouts do not provide incentive, they inspire dependency. Human dignity requires ownership. If a person buys a cow, and sees the opportunity to sell milk to his neighbors, he will take care of that cow and see the potential for more income. On the other hand, if the same individual is given a cow, he may well kill it and eat it, because he had no ownership in the cow.

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