Filter News

Progress around the world

Posted by Patty Osborne

Here’s a summary of news about established and prospective filter factories around the world:

  • Filters are now being made at Federal University in Lafia Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
  • Edgar from the filter factory in Chiapas, Mexico has met up with an organization is going to help them get the filter certified in Mexico, and may help them apply for a grant in the near future. This contact was first made by Kaira (our Filter Project Coordinator) and her partner, Reynaldo, when they presented at WWF7 in Korea.
  • Two other groups are also investigating factory start-ups in Mexico.
  • PFP has been contacted by two groups that want to start factories in southern Sudan. They have received introductory materials and have been put in touch with one another.
  • Three groups are now pursuing possible filter factories in India.
  • Another contact from the WWF7 is pursuing the possibility of a new factory in Kenya.
  • A Peace Corps volunteer is interested in filters for the Comoro Islands.
  • Our partners at Potters Without Borders are helping to start factories in Guinea Bissau and in Rwanda.

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