New Filter Factory in India

Posted by Patty Osborne

contest winnersMichelle Zucker, a student at Penn State, and Emily Saunders, a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, have won US$10,000 and up to US$25,000 of in-kind staff time to support implementation of a project in India that will reactivate an abandoned factory as a water filter factory and a start-up community factory, providing migrant workers with access to clean water, self-grown food and native materials for building shelters. Michelle and Emily worked closely with Potters for Peace in preparing their contest entry and they will be collaborating with us on the implementation of this project.

The contest was sponsored by AECOM, a company that works to create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments.

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  1. Ravi Kiran JP on

    I’m currently working on ceramic filters in India with a varied composition of materials in filters. More likely sustainable and reliable wastes from daily uses for more advanced functioning in Indian conditioning.

    Delighted to hear the factory extended its horizons to India. Looking forward to know the details of this in India.

    Wish you all success in India.

  2. Madhu Thakar on


    When will the factory start functioning?
    What sizes of pots will be made? How much will they cost?

    I am interested in purchasing the pots. I want to use these in substantial numbers to remove pathogens from toilet black water coming out of a bio digester toilet for a family of 5 generating between 25-50 liters of pathogen rich water per day. I need a flow rate of 1-2 liters per hour.I am manufaturing these toilets here in Delhi.

    This will enable me to discharge the effluent into the earth without contaminating ground water resources like wells, ponds and underground streams.

    Can I get a few samples straight away.


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