kairaIn October, Abby Silver, Robert Pillers and Kaira Wagoner represented Potters for Peace at the 2013 Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy, hosted by the University of North Carolina. The conference was a good opportunity for networking with other Water Sanitation and Health (WaSH) practitioners.

At the Ceramic Water Filter (CWF) side event, PfP Filter Coordinator Kaira Wagoner made a presentation that was entitled Strategies for Improving the Ceramic Pot Filter: Sustainability, Production, Design and Communication. Kaira stressed that better communication is vital in order to

  1. facilitate the sharing of solutions to common production problems
  2. improve the reach of technical trouble-shooting by groups like Potters for Peace
  3. ensure that the right studies are being performed in academic settings and that the results of those studies are effectively disseminated in the field.

The session was attended by members of the Ceramics Manufacturing Working Group,  representatives of a number of NGOs, CWF factory owners, academics, and other stakeholders. Following four presentations, the group convened a round-table discussion.

A key outcome of this discussion was the decision to form a Google-Group Forum to facilitate communication between NGOs, producers, and academics. With this added tool for multidisciplinary communication, stakeholders can better work together to support efficient production of effective filters.