You can buy t-shirts, bumper stickers and some jewellery below.

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T-Shirts: $20

These are high quality cotton shirts in several styles.


Left to right: Classic, Bilingual T, José Ortiz design

1. Our classic, with the PFP logo of a woman throwing. Sizes from Small to XXL. Available in Texas orange, daisy yellow, yellow haze, ash tan, chocolate, black smoke, dark green, medium green, light blue, medium blue, indigo blue.

2. Bilingual T. Sizes from Small to XXL. Available in charcoal grey and yellow/orange or navy blue and yellow/orange.

3. José Ortiz design.  Sizes from Small to XXL. Available in navy blue and ash.

Bumper Stickers: $2


1. / Clay-based solutions to global problems
White lettering on red-brown textured background

2. Potters of the World IGNITE
Yellow with the black lettering

Nicaraguan Clay Jewelry: $13


Exquisite Clay Bead Necklaces: Our stock varies; we usually have terracotta and black or all black (by Maritza Blas of San Juan de Oriente), terracotta and black necklaces with tiny sculpted fish, and an assortment of tan and pale terracotta pieces.

Brooches and earrings from the Juan Paulino family of San Juan de Oriente: Nicaraguan flora and fauna painted in polychrome slips

To Order

Print our order form, fill it out and mail to the address on the form or contact Abby Silver by email or phone:
Jennifer Mally


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Nicaraguan Pottery

Potters for Peace doesn’t sell pots directly except at regional benefit sales and at NCECA, but Nica pottery is available at Peace by Piece Fair Trade.